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Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Whether you’re building a new facility or simply redoing your industrial floor, you need an epoxy floor or a complete flooring system that will last. No other part of your space takes a pounding quite like the floor and as such you need the absolute best when constructing a floor for your industrial space.

  • VOC compliant systems
  • High frictional resistance coatings for slip resistance
  • Superior UV stability for long term color and clarity retention
  • Superb chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance
  • Top notch industrial flooring & warehouse flooring that suits the needs of your work or storage place
  • Crews that are equally adept at designing and installing a wide array of floor types from concrete polishing to epoxy floors to showroom quality decorative floors
  • Increased flooring facility visibility and safety
  • Protecting your building and personnel with clean smooth floors

Collins Industrial Services recognizes the importance of long lasting epoxy floors that promote a sustainable future. Our waterborne and high solids materials can be an integral part of your Green Building Design.

The technology with epoxy floors is ever changing, along with standard epoxy flooring systems Collins Industrial Services offers: fast cure systems, high solids epoxies, waterborne epoxy vapor emission mitigation systems, and heavy wear thin-mil urethane coatings along with many others.

Epoxy floors provide several advantages. Dirt, grease and liquids cannot penetrate these non-porous and resin rich flooring systems. Dirt, spills and oil are easily removed with common cleaning procedures. Our systems never require stripping or waxing, this keeps maintenance costs extremely low.

Collins Industrial Services offers a wide range of epoxy floor systems. In addition to various colors and textures we offer epoxy floors with overlayments, quarts, flake systems and many fully customized solutions.

We will customize a solution for the specific requirements of each epoxy floor application; including traffic conditions, mechanical wear, temperature exposure, chemical resistance and slip resistance.
Collins Industrial Services creates all manner of industrial floors, from warehouses to factories. We are proud of our efficient service and track record of customer satisfaction. Collins Industrial Services is fully licensed and insured and up to the task.

Why choose Collins Industrial Services?

At Collins Industrial Services we provide nationwide superior industrial painting, industrial flooring, and a wide range of sophisticated coatings.

We take tremendous pride in the great work we’ve done for other businesses and are eager to help you refine your business both aesthetically and functionally.

  • Fully Licensed and Insured
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  • Weekend Hours Available
  • Quality Painting Reps
  • 40+ Years Experience
  • We have an owner on every job!

Our Nace Certification

We’re contractors with the knowledge to allow your facility to achieve its maximum performance.

Details about our certifications and training include:

  • SSPC Coating Application Specialist Level 1
  • Retroplate
  • Graco Product Service Training
  • OSHA Lead in Construction Safety Course

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about the basics of industrial concrete polishing? We’ve provided a list of some of the most common questions that we normally receive below for your convenience:

Epoxy coatings have a greater range of functions. There are coatings that are slip resistant, oil tolerant, chemical tolerant, scratch resistant etc.

Coatings are just that, coatings that attach to your floor via mechanical adhesion. Even the best coating will eventually wear out or fail. Concrete Polishing a permanent is the process of polishing your concrete without the use of any coating in order to improve appearance, reduce dusting, remove any trip hazards and increase light reflectivity and impact strength.

Do you do epoxy flooring residentially?

Yes, we recently started to apply epoxy floors residentially in addition to our industrial application. One benefit to using an industrial contractor in a residential setting is that we use industrial coatings. Our preparation and coating applications have to stand up to heavy industry, so your car and lawn mower will be no match.

Do you do epoxy flooring for both indoor and outdoor surfaces?

Yes, in an outdoor setting a topcoat of urethane will be applied. Epoxy coatings are not very tolerant of UV radiation. Without a tolerant urethane topcoat the epoxy will breakdown and/or discolor in the sunlight.

What kind of facilities do you work specialize on?

We specialize in industrial applications. However, epoxy and urethane coatings are becoming more popular in commercial settings, offices and homes.

How long do concrete polishing projects take?

It all depends on the size. At minimum it will take 2 days, most applications call for two coats. This means that with dry times of 12-24 hours your application will take a minimum 2 days until it can be returned to service.

What is your cost per square foot?

That depends on the square footage of the project and the necessary coatings. Oil and moisture tolerant epoxies are more expensive so the application price must increase. Please feel free to call our office, with a little information about your project we can give you a good ballpark to put into your budget. We would also be happy to come out and take a look to provide you with a free quote.

My facility needs to comply to security standards, can you fulfill this?

Absolutely, we are very accustomed to entering high security areas with sensitive equipment and R&D.

What is your flooring capacity?

We complete projects as small as 2,000 sq ft or as large as 100,000+ sq ft. It mostly depends on how many square feet you can free up for us to coat. Typically, in manufacturing, the entire plant cannot be shutdown in order to coat the floors. Therefore we see a lot of projects that are pieced together 5,000-20,000 square feet at a time.

How long do epoxy-coated floors last?

It all depends on the application. In a aisle way with foot traffic you can expect 10 years or better; in extremely rough and high traffic areas a coating may wear out in as little as 2 years. We have coatings in our offices that are over 10 years old, we finally recoated them simply to change the color. In manufacturing settings it all depends on how hard the coatings are abused.

What regions do you service within your range of operations?

We are based out of Indiana so traveling across the Eastern and Central time zones is not a problem. We currently have customers in Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Alabama.

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